Waiting Room Remodel

Waiting Room Remodel

Spending time in a hospital when you or a loved one is dealing with cancer can be a trying experience even in the best of circumstances, and a drab and dreary certainly doesn’t help the situation.

With that in mind, and in cooperation with Mercy Foundation North, the LMMF led the charge to completely remodel the waiting room in the inpatient section of the Emmerson Oncology Unit at Mercy Medical Center in Redding.

A $10,000 donation from the LMMF made the $17,000 project possible, according to Maggie Redmon, president of Mercy Foundation North. Improvements included new flooring and paint, new furniture, wainscoting, artwork, a charging station and a flat-screen TV. “It was just a revamp of the whole room,” Redmon said.

The décor and theme of the waiting room is critical to cancer patients and their loved ones who are often processing life-altering situations, Redmon said, adding: “The Luis Miramontes Memorial Foundation saw the value in creating a welcoming and more comforting environment. It’s much more inviting now.”

Architects with Nichols, Melburg & Rosetto assisted in the design and color selection and Redmon completed the remodel by selecting three large nature prints donated by north state photographer Jane Work.

Project Fully Funded!